"You know that you are poor when you need to wait to give your child his asthma medicine because you can't afford the aero-chamber."
Do The Math Survey


Does a single person on social assistance receive enough income to live with health and dignity?

Do the Math will help you determine how much you think one needs to live frugally, but in dignity and in reasonable health in Ontario. Expenses are divided into sections such as housing, transportation, health, etc. For each section we have included figures to help you determine what the actual costs are - just click on the icon () to see the information. Prices for things vary on where you are living. Feel free to browse through your community paper to see how much things cost in your neighborhood when filling out the survey.

Do the Math will take approximately 6 minutes to complete. You will see your results at the end, and will be able to compare it to approximately 5,000 others who have completed this thus far.

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