"You know that you are poor when you need to wait to give your child his asthma medicine because you can't afford the aero-chamber."

The Stop Community Food Centre and the campaign to Put Food in the Budget came together for the Do The Math campaign. This campaign asked participants - including Torontonians Dr. David McKeown, Naomi Klein, and Damian Abraham - to compare their monthly budget to the real-life earnings of low-income people in Ontario, asking the question: What kind of things do you imagine you would have to do without while living on social assistance? You can learn more about the campaign and the participants on this website. Please note that the survey is not up-to-date, and that we are currently experiencing difficulty with the online forms.

STEP 1: Start by taking the survey and Do the Math. What would you need to make ends meet if your situation changed and you had to rely on social assistance? If you were a single person on social assistance, what would you need?

Would you have to move? How much would you need for rent and groceries? Is a telephone or internet connection a necessary expense? What about a cup of coffee or having a friend over for dinner? Do the Math and compare your results to what single people on social assistance receive each month.

If you are convinced that social assistance is inadequate to live with health and dignity, you will have a chance to make your voice heard.

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Step 1: Take the Survey Step 2: Make Your Voice Heard